The landscapes that inspire my creativity

In my recent posts, text has dominated over photos so here is one that highlights the living as opposed to the writing side of my website. After all, I’ve called it Living and Writing in Granada.

This might look as if I haven’t been writing. The opposite is true. The lack of new posts is because I’ve been fully engaged in writing my next novel. I finished the first draft of Scent of the Fox (provisional title) in January and am now working hard on a thorough edit. I hope to post more news of my progress and a little about the novel soon.

So this post consists of photos taken during the last few months on my walks within Granada province, some very local to me, others inland or on the coast. Some walks were alone, others with friends or a walking group. I need a balance between time at the computer, time outdoors and socialising. Often my best ideas come in solitary walks. The landscapes that surround me here in Granada, along with plentiful sun are inspiring, I think you’ll agree.


One thought on “The landscapes that inspire my creativity

  1. Barbara

    Hi, lovely pictures. I love Granada of course, having lived there as a student. I visited there in October for a weekend, part research for the novel I am writing set in Cadiz.
    I relocated to Cadiz in June and enjoying my new life.
    It would be nice to connect and share writing experiences. I have just revived an old blog and posted my first article on Saturday. You can find it on :
    Best wishes Paul


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