Where the action takes place: photos for SECRETS OF THE POMEGRANATE

A pictorial blog this time, showing some of the locations mentioned in Secrets of the Pomegranate – for those who’ve read the book and those who might intend to.

IMG_1312                                                               Sunset behind the Alhambra


2004_0923Image0060                Sacromonte and the old Moorish wall

IMG_1938Trini’s stall in Plaza LargaIMG_1933

IMG_1941Bar Aixa, Plaza Larga


The fish stall, Albaicín

 IMG_1951 IMG_1952

Paseo de los Tristes and river Darro

2004_1031Image0070          Tetería2004_1031Image0063


Moroccan shops in the Calderería

Quique's bar 3Quique’s Bar, Sacromonte

For more pictures, see my other blog posts, e.g. for the caves where Mark lives and some typical carmens in the Albaicín.

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