Granada launch of Secrets of the Pomegranate


The Granada launch on 18th May at the Carmen de la Victoria was a great success with around 45 people present and a delightful recital on the oud (laúd arabe) by Otman Ya’kubi in the beautiful gardens. Diana Kelham, ex-Honorary British Consul in Granada introduced me with a colourful description of my life and work!

11312830_720427088068677_8040923534542147710_o11270699_720428228068563_609090343231048543_o Carmen  de la VictoriaBarbara_presentación_18 signing

Ideal interview 19th May 2015Local publicity in Granada’s daily newspaper, Ideal, 19th May 2015

And in the Costa del Sol’s English language paper, Sur in English, 22nd May 2015

Sur in English feature

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